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【第29節結果 / The 29th Sec. Match Result】盛岡と勝ち点分ける 1-1   朴利基がヘディング決めて同点 順位かわらず5位のまま       Ryukyu Rallied For A Draw with Morioka: 1-1, Remaining 5th Standing


試合は前半、盛岡が主導権をにぎる展開。徐々にリズムをつかみだした琉球はMF 富所悠選手、MF 松尾昇悟選手らが持ち前の攻撃力を発揮しはじめるものの、チャンスを生かせず互いに無得点。後半も盛岡に攻め込まれる場面がみられ、53分にはスローインから中央を破られ先制点を許す。しかし、ここでも序盤から琉球が流れを取り戻し、78分にはコーナーキックから松尾選手がすらした球をDF 朴利基選手が頭で合わせて同点にした。その後は互いに決定機を決めきれず、勝ち点を分け合った。琉球の順位は変わらず5位。


FC Ryukyu took on Grulla Morioka in the 29th Sec. match of the J3 League and failed in beating the opponent in a draw with 1-1.

Ryukyu was on the back foot in the early stage, but graduallu came to catapult forward and MF Yu TOMIDOKORO and MF Shogo MATSUO tried scoring, both ending up in vain unfortunately. The game opened in the second half when Morioka succeeded in breaking through the Ryukyu center line at 53 min to geta a starter.

Stirred by the Morioka’s lead, Ryukyu fortified with aggressive substitutes and succeeded in catching up with the opponent by a headshot of DF Riki PARK. This was the first scoring for the lookie DF in the J league games. Both Ryukyu and Morioka tried counter actions each other later but neighter payed off till the end.

Meanwhile the match day was designated as “Uruma City Residents’ Day” and colored by Uruma performers. Tenryu Taiko played the opening act of their original Eisa drum and Shishimai dragon dances and the city’s PR character Uruurara appeared before the fans. Katsuren FC and FC Sogno walked out with Ryukyu and Morioka players, respectively, as “escort kids”.  FC Ryukyu’s next home game is scheduled on October 4.


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