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【天皇杯 / The Emperor’s Cup】2回戦・鹿島に追い上げならず 1-3で敗退  Ryukyu Lost The 2nd Round Match to Kashima: 1-3


J1首位の鹿島に前半で2点を奪われたものの、38分に相手GKに倒されたFW.7 田中恵太選手がPKを決めて1点を奪取。勢いに乗り後半の途中まで主導権を握る場面もありましたが、75分に田中選手がイエローカード2枚目で退場すると直後に追加点を許し、鹿島リードのまま試合を終えました。


The Ryukyu lost the Emperor’s Cup 2nd round match to Kashima tonight by 1-3.  In the first half, the Ryukyu trailed the Kashima by two scores before FW.7 Keita Tanaka succeeded in scoring on a penalty kick at 38 min. Though the Ryukyu built on the momentum in the early second half, it allowed the J1 team to add another score soon after TANAKA was sent off with a second yellow card.

Meanwhile FC Ryukyu has been entitled to represent Okinawa district teams for the Emperor’s Cup six times since 2004. It was the 93th Emperor’s Cup in 2013 when the Ryukyu first challenged a J1 team, Shonan Bellmare then. And the Ryukyu enjoyed the game with Kashima, the premier club of the J1 now, tonight.

FC Ryukyu thanks our precious fans, including those who came far away from Okinawa to the Kashima’s stadium to cheer up our brave players, for their enthusiastic supports.

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