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○第3節○レオ先制弾も後半追い上げ許す 2-1vsセレッソ大阪U-23
FC Ryukyu Allowed Cerezo Osaka U-23 to Overtake, 2-1


FC Ryukyu lost the away game to Cerezo Osaka 2 to 1, though the former opened it in the first half. At the beginning  verything seemed good in the first half. That, Ryukyu’s MF 15 Leonardo made a big show again with his striking talent to get an opening goal at 17 min after receiving through MF 7 Keita TANAKA and FW 11 Ryuji SAITO. The Brazilian striker had done the same in the previous match against FC Tokyo U-23 to bring the victory. But the tide this time turned suddenly for Cerezo in the early second half. The Cerezo gave as harsh pressures as Ryukyu hardly held out, allowing the Osaka team to get 2 scores to overtake the match finally.

前半から攻め込んでくるC大23に対し、琉球は得点機を確実に生かす。前半17分、MF 7 田中恵太、FW 11 才藤龍治がつないだところに、MF 15 レオナルドが飛び込んで倒れながらも左足で決めて先制。前節に続きポテンシャルの高さを見せつけた。しかし、後半の流れはC大23に。激しいプレッシャーの中で2失点を献上して逆転を許してしまう。終盤にはカウンター攻撃の応酬になったが追加点を得るまでには至らず、勝ち点を奪えなかった。

FC Ryukyu is due to play the next section, which is a Home Game, with Oita Trinita on April 10, Sun, starting at 16:00, at Okinawa Athletics Park (OAP) Stadium in Awase area, Okinawa City.



第3節試合後コメント(MF 15 レオナルド選手)


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