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ALL NEWS 2016 March



3月13日開幕ホームゲーム 今季新商品4アイテム販売スタート
Ryukyu’s 2016 New Merchandise Items Debut on 1st Match Day


FC Ryukyu introduces new merchandise items for the 2016 season. These must-buy Ryukyu collections debut at FC Ryukyu Merchandise Booth at Okinawa Athletics Park Stadium on the season opening match day, March 13, Sun. *Prices shown include tax.


知念 ユニフォーム2016オーセンティックユニフォーム
2006 Authetic Jersey

FC Ryukyu has, every season so far, brought geometric patterns of Okinawan traditional Minsaa textile to its jerseys to identify that the Club is of/from Okinawa. In 2016, the patterns appear in the left sleeve. In addition, the 2016 jersey design has raimbow color spripes printed in it also. This is a declaration that the Ryukyu advocates  diversity of sexuality, nationality and etc,  to create barrier-free/diverse environments inside/outside our soccer activities.


2016 FC琉球 タオルマフラー2016FC琉球タオルマフラー
2016 FC Ryukyu Sublimated Scarf

FC Ryukyu’s emblem has a pair of male and female Seesaas, guardian deity of Okinawa, in it. This Seesaar emblem is placed on the center, block guarded with more larger Seesaas. Between the deity images are eye-catching brush-written Chinese characters stating RYUKYU.


沖縄市 フラットバイザーキャップRyukyu Color Snapback Cap

FC Ryukyu and its Home Town, Okinawa City, have jointly honchoed this cap for the 2016 season. Ryukyu’s identity color of Bengara, or red iron oxide;  “RYUKYU” letters are embroidered in front, and size adjustable snapback is fit.


Tシャツ2016 FC RYUKYU Tシャツ
2016 FC RYUKYU T-shirt

昨シーズンに好評を博したデザインパターンを、今シーズンはブラック地に染め抜き。落ち着いたシックな雰囲気にFootball Club RYUKYU の金文字が鮮やかに映えます。
The popular Ryukyu T-shirt design with gold-color letters of “Football Club RYUKYU” is printed on black texture. Spartan chic T-shirt.