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田中恵太選手・富所悠選手 2016シーズン契約更新のお知らせ
FCR’s Icon MFs to Stay for 2016: Keita TANAKA and Yu TOMIDOKORO


FC Ryukyu has renewed contracts with midfielders Keita TANAKA and Yu TOMIDOKORO, respectively, for the 2016 season. The MF pair was the primary driving force of the Ryukyu in the 2015 season.

TANAKA, a Tokyo native, came to the Ryukyu last year and contributed much by his goalscoring prowess to make the Ryukyu stay 9th standing in the 2015 J3 League. He has recently been chosen as a MIP of the club by Ryukyu fans at the season end. TOMIDOKORO, nicknamed “Tommy” by his fans, also became conspicuous for his versatile performances, as a creative midfielder. He appeared in all the games in 2015. These two determined guys are expected to be “dynamos” of the 2016 Ryukyu, too.

― 記 ―

7 MF 田中恵太【選手氏名】MF 田中 恵太(たなか・けいた)/ Keita TANAKA
【生年月日】1989年12月26日 / Birth Day: December 26, 1989
【身長・体重】169㎝ 61㎏
【出  身】東京都 / Born in Tokyo
【利き足】 右 / Dominant Leg: Right
【所属クラブ歴】三菱養和SCユース → 明治大 → AC長野パルセイロ → FC琉球(2015~)
【2015出場歴】明治安田J3 29試合9得点 天皇杯 2試合3得点



10 MF 富所 悠【選手氏名】MF 富所 悠(とみどころ・ゆう)/ Yu TOMIDOKORO
【生年月日】1990年4月21日 / Birth Day: April 21, 1990
【身長・体重】175㎝ 70㎏
【出  身】埼玉県 / Born in Saitama
【利き足】 右 / Dominat Leg: Right
【所属クラブ歴】東京ヴェルディユース → 東京ヴェルディ → AC長野パルセイロ → FC琉球(2012~)
【2015出場歴】明治安田J3 36試合3得点 天皇杯2試合0得点