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【第37節結果 / The 37th Sec. Match Result】乱打戦落とす 相模原に4-6
一度逆転するが勝ち越せず 最後にダメ押しくらう 岩渕はカード2枚退場
Ryukyu Slumped at Sagamihara, 4-6; Faced an Extra Push Last Moment





FC Ryukyu played the 37th Sec. Match of the J3 League against SC Sagamihara today here in Okinawa and lost the game by a reversal after all with a score of 4-6.

Ryukyu in the early first half did not take the game till it got the first score by an own goal of Sagamihara at 35. After that, Ryukyu built up momentum with 2 more scores to trun the game trend around once: MF Ryota IWABUCHI was agile in reacting a cross ball delivered by DF Takahiro URASHIMA, and MF Jumpei OBATA plunged into a ball lifted by FW Satoshi NAKAYAMA.

Though being highly motivated to clinch the game, Ryukyu boys sunk as soon as they were caught up with by giving an own goal to the opponents at 54 min. After that, The Okinawa players allowed their counterparts two more additional scores. Yet Ryukyu pressed the Sagamihara with a headshot by veteran FW NAKAYAMA, the Okinawan team lost the match when it allowed the Sagamihara an extra push in the final phase.

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