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【第36節結果 / The 36th Sec. Match Result】アウェイ秋田戦:3‐3 9位
松尾・岩渕・田辺の3連弾で一時逆転 アディショナルタイムに痛恨の失点
Ryukyu Once Turned The Game Around Against Akit, But Lost It In Add. Time




FC Ryukyu played an away game againt Blaublitz Akita and finished the match with the tied score, 3-3. Ryukyu boys once turned the game around but lost it in the very end. Ryukyu’s standing in the J 3 league is unchanged, 9th.

Both teams bickered over control of the game and the latter gradually took it. An Akita got a starter at 22 min, and added another score by netting the rebound in the first half.

With a 0-2 deficit to Akita, Ryukyu showed dramatic changes in its performances in the early second half. Right after the half-time, FW Shogo MATSUO cut into the box to shot and MF Ryota IAWABUCHI reacted a loose ball beautifully to make another score. The most excitng for Ryukyu was when MF Keisuke TANABE bided his time and succeeded in turning the game around by his middle-range shot at 75 min.

The game, however, went on against Ryukyu’s odds. Ryukyu faced Akita’s heavy attacks at the very and of the game and allowed the opponents to catch up in the additinal time. That made the match ended in a draw.

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