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【第35節結果 / The 35th Sec. Match Result】町田に0-2で敗れる
町田の“高さ”に苦しむ マークの甘さつかれヘディング2失点
Ryukyu Yielded To Machida, Suffering Headshots In Physical Build; 0-2



試合は序盤から町田が主導権を握る展開。しかし、FW11 小幡純平からのパスにFW14 岩渕良太がうまくあわせて相手GKと1対1に持ち込むなど幾度かのチャンスを得るが決めきれず。逆に28分にクロス球を頭で押し込まれて失点して折り返し。後半も再びヘディングで追加点を許すと、琉球は得点力のあるMF28 富樫佑太、MF15 藤澤典隆、FW9 中山悟志を相次いで投入し、リズムをつかみかける。だが、町田の堅い守りに苦しみシュートまでなかなかつながらず、結局は無得点のままで終えた。

FC Ryukyu took on FC Machida Zelvia today here in Okinawa. The match was the last one of the three cosecutive games against the J3 League top 3 placings. Ryukyu lost today’s game to the Tokyo team with a score of 0-2.

Judging from physical build,  Ryukyu boys were apparently poor to the Tokyo players and this physical difference seemed to effect the undesired result for the Ryukyu guys: none of the Ryukyu guys are over 6 feet tall while Machida has 6 men who are well over the height among the starting members.

The losses were both headshots. A Machida defender succeeded in heading in a cross ball in the first half, and a forward added another score by the same manner in the second half also. Ryukyu tried to turn the game around by main score substitutes after losing the second loss and struted their stuff somewhat. But it was too late.  Ryukyu moved it standing in the J3 League from 7 down to 9 now.

Meanwhile Kouwa Group sponsored today’s event and presented some gifts to the fans, hosted an entertainment show. Sakura ISHADO also had a live rock music show during the half time.

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