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【第34節結果 / The 34th Sec. Match Result】AC長野に1-2で敗れる 7位
朴が前半終了間際に先制ボレー 追加点奪えず勝ち点逃す
Insuperable: Ryukyu Closed To Nagano, Only To Lose The Game By 1-2


攻め込まれるシーンが多くいやな流れが続いた前半を動かしたのは琉球。終了間際の45分にコーナーキックからの流れでFW 松尾昇悟が頭ですらしたところをDF 朴利基がボレーで押し込む鮮やかな先制点。しかし、直後にフリーキックを決められ同点にされて折り返し。

後半で一気に追加点を奪いたい琉球は、FW中山悟志、MF 富樫佑太、DF才藤龍治ら得点力のあるベテランと若手を相次いで投入。次第に調子を上げ、富樫やDF屋宮大地らも積極的にシュートを放つが枠をとらえることができず。逆にレフェリーにあたった球を拾われ追加点を奪われるなどし、勝ち点を得ることができなかった。

For FC Ryukyu, AC Nagano Parceiro has been an insurmountable challenge for year and “Defeating Nagano” has been the biggest challenge. Ryukyu boys today struggled for the goal, and missed a shot. Our challenge, thus, continued. Ryukyu stands 7th as a result today.

Ryukyu was bullied by the opponent during most of the first half but DF Riki Park caught an unguarded moment of Nagano and jumped and lobbed a shot in at 45 min. The awakening starter by Park, however, came to nothing two min later when Nagano swept in a direct free kick.

Ryukyu tried to turn the game around by bringing in some substitutes, MF Yuta TOGASHI, FW Satoshi NAKAYAMA, DF Ryuji SAITO in the second half, and gradually toned up. TOGASHI and DF Daichi OKUMIYA also aggressively struggled the net. But all of them got just wide. Unfortunate is that the ball deflected as it hit the referee and became a windfall for Nagano to score another goal.

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