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【第32節結果 / The 32nd Sec. Match Result】藤枝に1-0で勝利
藤井の前半先制点守り切る 貴重な勝ち点3 再び5位に浮上
First Blow Finished The Game: FC Ryukyu Drove Out Fujieda MYFC By 1-0


蒸し暑さの中での試合。琉球は前半7分、MF.7 田中恵太を起点にDF.14 岩渕良太の右サイドからのクロスにMF.24 藤井貴が合わせて先制点。その後も琉球主導で進むが、藤枝も徐々にリズムをつかみ始めたところで終了。

後半に入ると琉球の動きはやや鈍く、逆に藤枝はカウンターなどでチャンスをつくり始めるが、決めきれず。互いに譲らない中、終盤には琉球DF.14 岩渕良太が2回目の警告を受けて退場。勢いに乗った藤枝は終了間際にあわや同点かと思わせる一発があったが、ここはGK. 21 今野太祐が文字通り体を張ったセービングでしのぎ切った。

FC Ryukyu took on Fujieda MYFC in the 32nd Sec. match here in Okinawa.  Ryukyu’s MF.24 Takashi FUJII nicely reacted a cross ball given by DF.14 Ryota IWABUCHI and got the opnening score at 7 min. While Ryukyu took the initiative in the first half,  Fujieda also gradually got the game back on their truck later.

Ryukyu, however, showed luckluster performances in the second half, facing Fujieda’s counter actions sometimes. More worse of the Ryukyu was that IWABUCHI  was ejected for his second yellow card late in the game, which gave Fujieda the momentum rolling again to almost catch up. Facing the tough time, Ryukyu played strong team defense and GK.21 Taisuke KONNO saved once and for all, and the Ryukyu succeeded in holding on to the slim margin.

Ryukyu has risen from 7th to 5th in the J3 League standings now.

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