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【第30節結果 / The 30th Sec. Match Result】Y.S.横浜に手痛い敗戦 0-1 ポゼッション優位ながら決定機つくれず 終盤に痛恨の失点 7位に後退
Grim Fiasco: Ryukyu Got A Drubbing From Y.S.Yokohama In Final Phase, 0-1



Drubbing. The J3 30th Sec. match of Ryukyu against Y.S.C.C.Yokohama was a grim fiasco for Ryukyu, 0-1, allowing the opponent to strike a heavy blow at the very end. Ryukyu has moved down its standing to 7th now.

While Ryukyu, standing 5th in the J3 League then, showed good possession in the first half, the team could hardly manage scoring opportunities and allowed the opponent, which ranks at the bottom, sometimes counter actions. Neighther made any scores. Both Ryukyu and Y.S. Yokohama tried taking control of the game by substitutes in the early second half but hardly broke through lines. The game, however, changed when a Y.S.Yokohama forward succeeded in a headshot at 88 min. The Yokohama managed to hold on this single score till the end.

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